Wheelhouse provides training, assessment and certification of the skills required for modern software development. Our platform explains key concepts, provides realistic projects and delivers feedback for instant validation of progress.

We work with companies like GitHub that are transforming the way development teams work. We help build their definitive assessments, trainings and certifications to help their customers succeed - blending the latest product insights with curated best practices culled from some of the best development teams in the world.



Our software helps your development
teams to substantially
improve their effectiveness in the workplace.


We provide industry
recognized trainings and
micro-certifications to
help your students get
their next job.


We can help you to increase adoption and drive customer success through project based assessments, trainings and certifications.

The Problem with Training


Too many learning solutions focus only on dry explanations (videos, text, images and maybe quizzes) or unrealistic simulations (e.g. coding in the browser). It'd be like getting a drivers license after watching some videos, answering a quiz and maybe playing a racing video game - but never getting behind the wheel of a car.

Other solutions provide realistic projects but then depend entirely on mentors, instructors or community members for feedback. Unfortunately feedback from people isn't consistent (leading to variable quality), affordable (someone eventually has to pay for their time) or scalable (scaling mentor or instructor based businesses is notoriously difficult).


Automating Mentorship


In an ideal world, each employee in an organization would be assigned a personal mentor who would provide consistent responses based on the latest best practices, that couldn't misappropriate your IP, that would have a nominal marginal cost, and that could scale to train your entire team - whether that's 10 people or 100,000.

At Wheelhouse, we're committed to making that vision come to life by automating mentorship. Already, our platform can deliver explanations, provide realistic projects and deliver automated feedback for instant validation of progress. We're continuing to add new content and capabilities to continue to improve the quality of education for developers, collaborators and stakeholders.

Our team


Founder / CTO

Peter was the only contract member of the GitHub training team, and created Git and GitHub training materials for O'Reilly, Pearson, Code School and Pluralsight.

He also created online courses for OneMonth and Thinkful, ran engineering at General Assembly, teaches Digital Literacy at Columbia Business School, co-founded the New York CTO school and organizes the international CTO Summit series including the NASDAQ CTO Summit.

He gave up a very cosy consulting lifestyle to fix enterprise training and reach ten million learners a year, not just ten thousand. 

Founder / Head of Operations

Nikolai has spent his entire career in technology helping startups and enterprises to craft award winning solutions. Most recently at a global technology consulting provider, and previously with Genwi, a Silicon Valley mobile startup, Women's Wear Daily, a division of Conde Nast Publications, and Colin Cowie Enterprises, a lifestyle digital media company.

Nikolai holds an MBA from Columbia Business School, a Bachelors in Economics from Fordham College at Lincoln Center, and technical certifications from Microsoft and CompTIA. As a lifelong learner, Nikolai is excited to change the way people learn using Wheelhouse.

Founder / Head of Engineering

John Paul is a long-time software developer, former chemist, and life-long computer geek. A math education startup pulled him out of an academic life in 2000 and its been early-stage startups and online education companies ever since.

He was one of the first developers at General Assembly, spent nearly a year doing marketing development and analytics at Treehouse, and is excited to be building the apps he's always dreamed of at Wheelhouse.

Founder / Head of Educational Product

Adrian was the second employee at General Assembly where he ran their "outcomes” programming, managing an international team of 16. He taught a range of classes at GA, and as a freelancer built narrative-driven online courses for a large public education company.

He's excited about the vision of doing project-based education right, using real world project to teach real world skills. He also wants to create his own personal army of bots.

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