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We Are Rosie - Marketing talent platform

We Are Rosie - Marketing talent platform


Fractional CFO


Fractional CFO, Financial Modeling, Forecasting, Operational Strategy

The gig economy has changed everything from car rides to hotel stays for the better – why not marketing and creative services? That’s where We Are Rosie has stepped in to redefine what it means to work with top industry freelance talent with on-demand convenience and one-touch simplicity. They’ve cracked the code on matching independent professionals with companies in need of project-based support – all while delivering situations both sides love being a part of.

Our Role

Wheelhouse was engaged by We Are Rosie to help organize and lead their finance lane as the company started to experience exponential growth in terms of market traction and revenue. The team needed help strategizing around this growth in order to put them in the best position to truly capture the most value from their success. Everything from building an initial model to help forecast 2-3 years out to resource allocation to margin and pricing analysis was honed in on and presented in a way that would allow We Are Rosie’s executive team to fully understand and execute on important day-to-day decisions.

“ Their presence in our business has been invaluable through our entire life cycle to date. Wheelhouse helped us settle on which business idea to pursue, how to operationalize our processes for growth, and they have provided financial guidance + governance as we have scaled.”

Stephanie Nadi Olson - CEO