Through a defined suite of creative, and financial services, we help products and companies operate and grow.

  • Creative
  • Financial
  • Operational



Discovery and research, user experience, brand strategy and architecture, positioning, content strategy, and marketing campaigns.


Brand development and rebranding, logo and ID systems, brand style guides, messaging, iconography, and video production.


Website design and development, UX/UI, wireframing, prototypes, app design and development, and web applications.


Brochures, stationary, packaging, magazines, environmental design, and annual reports.


Financial Strategy

Our CFOs take your financial strategy to the next level by improving your business intelligence and reporting, improving weak spots and challenges, and using current performance and industry trends to optimize your financial strategy.

Cash Flow

Cash flow-related challenges are one of the biggest reasons companies fail. Our experienced fractional CFOs will analyze your current cash flow, find areas for improvement, and helpi mplement those changes.


Our fractional CFOs will help put the right systems in place to ensure your growth is healthy and sustainable.


Our fractional CFOs will create short- or long-term forecasts and budgets to help create a precise blueprint to help you get from where you are to where you want to go.


Raise Capital

Our fractional CFOs have helped raise hundreds of millions of dollars in capital. Our fractional CFOs will forecast your capital needs (timing and amounts), strategize the best debt-equity mix, and oversee the raise.

Transaction Prep

Are you preparing for a merger, acquisition, or exit? Our fractional CFOs will make sure things go smoothly while ensuring you get the best deal possible for your situation.

Who we work with

Early Stage Companies

Whether you’re launching a new concept, establishing a new brand image or developing a comprehensive digital presence, Wheelhouse is your ideal partner. We’ve been there before and know how to manage what’s ahead, from growth strategy and financial projections, to monthly burn and runway, we’re by your side every step of the way.

Existing Companies

We serve as both the catalyst and reliable engine of change that established businesses need in order to level-up consistently. Wheelhouse works side-by-side with your internal team to focus and evolve your business strategies for the next stages of growth.

New Initiatives

Whether it’s new, trending, or even never heard of before, Wheelhouse is here to make it happen. From full re-brands to launching a new division, product or company, we serve as a strategic extension of your team.